Fear and loving in the vagus

The vagus nerve controls your heart and digestive tract…it’s the one that gives you palpitations and butterflies in the stomach. It gets you hot under the collar, makes you dry of throat, short of breath and gives you the urge to gag. All symptoms of fear, the classic fight or flight response, but eerily the […]

Shoot for the Moon

Minister and author Norman Vincent Peale (1898–1993) said we should “shoot for the Moon” because even if we miss, we’ll land among the stars.* What utter nonsense! We are, here on Earth, already “among the stars” in some sense, given our planet’s location within the Milky Way galaxy. However, the disparity between the distance to […]

Songs, Snaps, Science

You may have noticed…or maybe you didn’t…that the SciScoop news stream slowed down quite a bit, while I put the site on the backburner in favour of the other two strands of my interests – Songs, Snaps & Science. You can listen to some of my songs on BandCamp and preview others on SoundCloud. My Snaps […]

Sciscoop Newsfeed

We’ve moved away from the old, defunct Feedburner system for RSS newsfeeds, so please swap out the old subscription for the new one http://sciscoop.com/feed However, given that Sciscoop is on sabbatical, I also recommend my Sciencebase feed for your science scoops. Please add us to your reader, Feedly, etc – http://sciencebase.com/feed