Homeopathic DHMO Proven Effective in Hypothyroidism

As a thryoid patient, I can attest to the many and varied symptoms produced by thyroid hormone imbalance.
Luckily for me, this year I have had the opportunity to participate in a new clinical study. My endocrinologist
provided me with homeopathic dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO). For those of you unfamiliar with homeopathy, the philosophy is that a medicine which would cause the symptoms you are experiencing, if administered in very sparing doses, will awaken your body’s natural defense and cure the disease. For instance, the drug quinine induces malaria-like symptoms, so homeopathic solutions of quinine (diluted according to a specific set of steps) are indicated for malaria. Although there is controversy about the danger of DHMO, there’s no question that DHMO affects the human body in multiple ways. The “like cures like” homeopathic principal would suggest, therefore,
that DHMO holds promise for broad-spectrum conditions like hyper- and hypothyroid. For the last six weeks my
regimen has included a 30X solution of DHMO daily. I can personally attest
that this is a wonder drug! My hyperthyroid symptoms have almost vanished. But Sci-Fi Today readers
needn’t settle for anecdotal evidence: today’s issue of The Annals of Physical Endocrinology
(dead tree version only, unfortunately) features my
endocrinologist’s paper on an earlier clinical study from 2002. This double-blind trial PROVES that
homeopathic DHMO relieves hypothyroid symptoms. (Unfortunately, due to an unexpectedly strong placebo
response, the results of this particular study are not statistically significant.) I’m sure the website Friends of Hydrogen Hydroxide (“hydrogen hydroxide” is one of several euphemisms for DHMO) will feature a formal press
release later in the day.

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  1. Everyone up to 1895 who had admitted using it is now deceased. The majority of users since that time are also deceased and frankly the prognosis for the remainder is gloomy.

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