Spaceships to Enter Black Holes Intact

Burko’s mathematical research suggests when a black hole spins it might form a phenomenon called a “hybrid singularity,” a relatively weak zone that could exert only limited tidal forces. Thus entering a black hole could become an exercise like carefully entering a rocky port-of-call by sailing ships of old. However, even if possible theoretically, navigating a spaceship into this black hole’s safer zone would remain extremely difficult — and far beyond existing Earthbound technologies. Geometry becomes a complicated matter near the distorted space and time of a singularity, Burko said. Any mistake in the angle, speed or time of entry could trap a spaceship forever, he added.
“I think the exciting aspect of this work is the fact that (Burko) has demonstrated rather clearly, using a simple model, that indeed an extended object may be able to do hyperspace travel,” says gravitational physicist Gaurav Khanna. “Overall, I think it is a rather excellent piece of research.”