Exciting Nanotechnology

From Nanotechnology-Now, here is link to an Interview with Author Wil

McCarthy. This interview is exciting and mind expanding. Here is a short excerpt “A quantum dot is a device

which traps electrons in a very small region of space, forcing them to behave like tiny standing waves, just

as they do in atoms. An “artificial atom” is a cloud of electrons trapped in this way. Although it has no

nucleus of its own, the artificial atom behaves in many ways like a real atom does. Producing large numbers of

artificial atoms inside a bulk material, such as a semiconductor, will alter its properties dramatically so

that, for example, it can be made to appear and behave like a metal, or an insulator. The material’s color,

transparency, reflectance, thermal and magnetic properties can also be altered, in real time. ” You can find

the interview here.

One thought on “Exciting Nanotechnology”

  1. When asked “Where would you like to be in 2020?” McCarthy responds:

    Looking out at the rings of Saturn from my private space yacht, sipping bourbon from a squeeze bulb and playing footsie with my wife.

    I always thought it would be nice to have a vacation home in the Encke Division :-)

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