Farscape Fans Send Eyeballs to TV Executives and Donations to Charity

After the cancellation, Farscape went on last year to win the Saturn award, Sci Fi’s most prestigious award, for the third time running. It’s been nominated for the fourth time for the episodes that aired at the beginning of 2003.

For many Farscape fans, the quality program was more than just a T.V. show. Ben Whisman, a visually impaired Scaper, says that Farscape came into his life at a time when he desperately needed an escape valve. “Farscape was a welcome relief. I could relate to it in my life. Even better, thanks to the incredible web, I found other fans who became online friends. I am constantly amazed to find people who are so varied and yet so similar to me in many ways.” He also said that Scapers “rock” for promoting donations to organizations for the aid of the visually impaired.

To bring more eyeballs to Farscape, Scapers purchased radio, print and television ads to advertise the last half of season four of their beloved series. In addition, they have donated over 500 Farscape DVDs, VHS tapes, boxed sets, and books to 115 libraries.

The military has been `Scaped’ as well: McGuire Air Force Base has received $6895.39 worth of Farscape goods including calendars, books, DVDs and videos. Fort Dix has received $1713.6 worth of books and DVDs. In partnership with ADV Films, Scapers donated $5698.10 worth of box sets of Farscape DVDs to 88 Liberty Centers throughout the entire U.S. Navy. They have sent $1,600 worth of Farscape merchandise to PBS auctions. They have been a large presence at numerous science fiction conventions, hosting parties, manning fan tables, and sitting on panels.

The Eyeballs for Farscape campaign began when Renay San Miguel of CNN Headline News responded to the many emails from outraged fans last year by mentioning the cancellation and reading a letter from a fan containing the viewer’s demographic information. A CNN anchor remarked to Renay that he thought that these were the kind of eyeballs that the Scifi Channel would like to keep. Farscape fan Astrid Reinhardt (in real life a researcher who analyzes genomic sequences data; better known online as “Tiriel”) took that to heart, calling herself the “very vocal eyeball.” The Eyeballs for Farscape project, just a small part of the overall Save Farscape campaign, is her brainchild.

“The SFC stated Farscape’s inability to grow its fan base as one of the reasons for the cancellation,” said Reinhardt. “But a year after the airing of the last new episode there are more fans than ever before. So we thought we would show more tangible evidence than just sending another round of letters! And at the same time this gives us an opportunity to make a difference for those struggling with visual impairment.”

This year’s Eyeballs for Farscape is similar to last year’s Brascape, a mass-mailing campaign in which hundreds of women sent bras to Scifi President Bonnie Hammer because of her repeated statements that the network was seeking the female viewer. The women who watch Farscape wanted to point out the irony of a network looking for female viewers after canceling Farscape, a show as popular with women as it was with men. The fans sent messages with the bras asking them to be donated to women’s shelters in New York City, which they were.

Heartened by the unofficial news that a Farscape miniseries is now in production, Farscape fans are still left not knowing when and where they will be able to enjoy more, new Farscape. They want to let the television industry know that they have brought more eyeballs to Farscape, and that any network that airs Farscape will be rewarded with more eyeballs!

For more information, please go to www.watchfarscape.com

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  1. Basically productions I would think could be made simply for the value of sending it straight to DVD. I know I dumped quite a decent sum of $ on Farscape DVD’s. I wonder how much Farscape DVD Sales brought in in terms of Revenue.

    Sure more is made in full on air productions, but jeez, consider all the REALLY crappy movies that go straight to DVD, surely they make more than they cost to produce, and I KNOW Farscape would sell more DVD’s than some of those hacks.

    Shame, was a fantastic show, and was a crying shame with SciFi dumped it. I am still shocked noone picked it up.

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