Blueprint for small molecule interactions

Blueprint assembles and curates known interactions between biological molecules and enters this data into BIND, which acts as a repository of biological data ranging from molecular interactions and small-molecule chemical reactions
to interfaces from three-dimensional structures, pathways and genetics interaction networks.

In April 2002, Blueprint set out to enter 80,000 interactions into BIND with a CDN$12.5 million investment from Genome Canada over three years. By
April 8, 2005, Blueprint had delivered more than 173,000 interactions.

The Blueprint Initiative is a research program of the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute (SLRI) at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, with an affiliated node in Singapore. Led by principal investigator Hogue, Blueprint develops, hosts, and maintains public biological databases and bioinformatics software tools such as BIND,
SeqHound, and Distributed Folding. To accomplish these goals, Blueprint has received invaluable support from NSERC, Genome Canada, ORDCF, CIHR,
the Economic Development Board of Singapore, and corporate partners including Sun Microsystems and Foundry Networks.