Chad’s Links #13 – June 12th, 2006

This Week’s News

Drinking coffee makes you more open-minded (link2) – It’s been known that coffee makes it more likely that you’ll be persuaded by a good argument. This study helps pin down the reason, which is because you’re more able to concentrate on the argument itself.

Scientists breed allergy-free kitty (link2) – A friend of mine says real cat lovers just take allergy medicine and suffer. This company has genetically engineered a hypoallergenic cat, for those of us who are not masochistic. One will cost you several thousand dollars, though.

…And Stuff That’s Just Plain Interesting

If You Drop It, Should You Eat It? – This study, which finds the 5-second rule to be inaccurate, was done in 2003 and was supervised by Dr. Hans-Peter Blaschek (link2). But for some odd reason, this undated article quotes Dr. Blaschek as saying that the 5-second rule does hold true. I personally go with whatever the Mythbusters decide.