A Spectral Analysis of Gravity’s Rainbow

The Challenge:
Can you look at the swing or the pendulum and deduce that you can draw Energy from Gravity directly?  Mr. Lee Cheung Kin, a 70 years old rocket scientist, who was forced to wash toilets for 7 years during the Cultural Revolution, did it.  Can you repeat it?

From a USA professor: “Almost every human being have seen the swing or the pendulum.  Only the Number One Genius in the World can succeed in conceiving and designing the machine to extract energy from gravity.  My colleagues and I could not do it.  But once the answer is explained, it is obvious.”

Can you understand the theory?  When the answer is revealed, is it obvious to you?

When the opportunity of infinite wealth and World Peace knocks on your door (or emailed to you). Can you and do you know how to use it?

The Theory
When a pendulum is pushed, there are TWO energy terms to consider.  One is the energy supplied by the push or the pulse force (F).  The other is the increased tension in the pendulum string that is responsible for lifting up the pendulum (weight Mg).  This increased tension will do work against gravity.  Both the Pulse Force Energy and the “lead out” energy is “stored and made available” in the pendulum system.  This second energy term is not taught at Universities today.

For example, if you push a swing with a person weighting 60 kg using a horizontal pulse force of 10 kg, there are THREE force and TWO energy terms to consider.  The first is the pulse force F.  The second force is the weight Mg. The third is the tension of the string T in lifting the 60 kg person. These three forces must obey the Law of Parallelogram of Forces.  In other words, Tcos(a) Mg; Tsin(a)=F; F=Mgtan(a) where a is the angle of deflection. (10Kg F “leads out” >60KgT)

The pulse force energy is approximately the Pulse Force multiplied by the horizontal displacement. The way of applying the electromagnetic pulse force will influence this equation in practice. The tension energy or work done against gravity in lifting the weight is the Weight multiplied by the vertical displacement.  Both energies are input and stored in the pendulum system as demanded by the Law of Conservation of Energy.  However, we need to supply only the Pulse Force Energy! Tension Energy or work done by string against gravity is FREE. The mathematics is as follows:

Pulse Force Energy (Epulse)   F x horizontal displacement    ; F = pulse force
                         = Mgtan(a) x Lsin(a)     ; L = pendulum length
Gravitational Energy(Egravity)  = MgL(1-cos(a))      ; a = angle of deflection

These two terms are NOT equal.  Epulse leads out Egravity. We supply Epulse and Egravity comes FREE!  (Egravity is approximately 50% of Epulse from above.) Once we understand the above, we can change the swinging of the pendulum into the rotation of a cylinder with pulse force to produce a much more efficient machine. Such a machine has been produced.  See http://www.energyfromair.com for details.

SOURCE: Cosmic Energy Electricity Generators
By: Lee Cheung Kin and Lawrence C.N. Tseung

3 thoughts on “A Spectral Analysis of Gravity’s Rainbow”

  1. There are ways to extract energy from a gravitational field, for example in fly-bys of spacecraft, but they only work through the further interaction with a third gravitating body (sun or moon). Tidal forces require only two bodies, but they must be relatively close in size. You can also temporarily store and retrieve gravitational energy – hydroelectric dams are perfect examples of that. But anything which leaves the bodies in the same relative position at the start and at the end can have no net gravitational contribution to energy release.

  2. But the guys is sooooo persistent that he’s got it to work. I knew it was tosh from the start, just wanted to give SciScoopers a chance to rip the theory to shreds too!


  3. Gravitational potential energy. The work done by the tension of the string is only free in the sense that we didn’t have to do it ourselves.

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