Chad’s Links #12 – June 5th, 2006

This Week’s News

Letting babies cry will only end in more tears – Even though it flies against logic, it appears that comforting a baby does not encourage it to cry more.

One small breath for man – We now have the technology to create breathable oxygen from soil on the moon.

How locusts decide it’s time to swarm – They swarm when they start invading each others’ personal space.

Some mice are ignoring Mendel – Some genetic traits can be passed down the generations via mutant RNA, rather than DNA.

Geneticist claims to have found ‘God gene’ in humans – A specific gene is tied to the ability to feel connected with God.

Scientists race to create bionic arm – With the recent advances in controlling a robotic hand via thought, I wouldn’t be surprised if we actually see bionic limbs in the not-too-distant future.

…And Stuff That’s Just Plain Interesting

Marriage And Great Science Don’t Mix – A discussion on how marriage affects a science career and how a science career affects marriage.

The Consequences of Excessive Wakefulness – I had no idea that lack of sleep causes brain damage (or, more correctly, lack of sleep allows the normal brain damage to accumulate to the point where it becomes life-threatening).