The Evolutionary Scientist’s Bible

Discover how scientists have filled in the “missing links” (there was a giraffe with a half-length neck, there were manatees with feet instead of flippers), the full-on evidence for evolution in the vast information resource that is the fossil record, and the quick way to debunk the idea of an ancient flood.

Evolution – What the Fossils Say and Why it Matters, Donald R Prothero, Columbia University Press. ISBN 9780231139625

Essential reading for scientists and anyone with latent doubts about their faith in Intelligent Design. You can listen to an interview with Professor Prothero, who is a leading paleontologist specializing in North American rhinos on TWIS.

In the interview, which begins at 30’18” into the mp3, Prothero explains how difficult it is to argue against obvious stupidity and blind faith.

2 thoughts on “The Evolutionary Scientist’s Bible”

  1. A theory of evolution would have to address how it occurs, not to establish that it occurs, which of course is beyond reasonable doubt. As yet we don’t have a theory of evolution.

  2. I think we’re in agreement.

    However, there are no facts in science, there are only observations (evidence) and hypotheses (explanations). Science is an iterative process it does not deal in facts.

    Of course, in the lay sense of the word, evolution is most certainly a fact, just as the existence of gravity is a fact.

    Equally, evolution is not a “mere” theory in the lay sense of that word. This is especially so given that most people seem to think that by using the word theory, scientists are somehow saying that evolution is simply a bizarre scheme they’ve come up with in the pub as opposed to an explanation for the obvious diversity of life on earth and the evidence of the fossil record.

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