One-sided Media Reporting of Global Warming

Although I am an engineer I nevertheless consider myself a layperson where climatology is concerned. I have taken an interest in so called anthropogenic global warming initially because it sounded so serious but now because the quality of the science behind it is so bad. I also follow the Blogs by Steve McIntyre on the Climate Audit site which I find quite revealing.


However, what I find most worrying is not that the science is weak as is often the case in a young scientific field, but that this weak science is promoted with one-sided views often presented by the media and the IPCC in a way that misleads the significance of a ‘consensus view’ as being an indisputable scientific fact. To me this makes the main stream reporting of global warming little more than propaganda.

This is increasingly the case since Steve McIntyre has consistently shown the main thrust of the evidence behind the man-made global warming scare story, the ‘hockey stick’, is blatantly wrong and has been manipulated by the IPCC scientists and politicians in such a significant way as to amount to fraud in my view.


Now given the insignificance of the 0.3 – 0.6 degC temperature rise over the last 100 years it does not take a scientist to realise that this increase could well be largely to do with the previously discussed manipulation, which then should raise serious questions about the scientific politics of global warming. The fact this fraudulent use of science could be masking what some data shows that we are already in a downturn in the natural cycle of climate change is a real story.

Instead what we get is as we see with regards to the recent Bali Kyoto conference the UK and most of the world media failed to report the dissenting views of some very prominent scientists. I also understand during the conference Lord Monckton made a speech and that over 100 scientists submitted an open letter where they condemned the over-hyped anthropogenic global warming view, yet none of this was reported.

My view as discussed was actually supported by Dr Vincent Gray at the Bali conference when he said:

“All the science of the IPCC is unsound. I have come to this conclusion after a very long time. If you examine every single proposition of the IPCC thoroughly, you find that the science somewhere fails, it fails not only from the data, but it fails in the statistics, and the mathematics, a dangerous time for science”.


Why was this not reported in the UK? Does anyone know why? I can but speculate and I think the clue comes in the form of the Turner Foundation.

However, Dr Gray’s concern equally applies to the news media also, if the truth disappears from news reports then the news reported, truthful or otherwise, is of no value. Therefore this is not only a dangerous time for science it is also a dangerous time for journalism too.

I am sure you as a science writers you must be equally appalled by this bias and wondered if more could be done to remove such bias and propaganda in future reporting?

Other issues of a political not necessarily scientific concern that I have noticed are arguments often by pro-AGW that attempt to smear scientists, politicians and journalists sceptics as having ties to oil companies and being paid $10,000’s.

See: Exxon secrets

This disgraceful behaviour goes on unimpeded but no one picks up on the hypocrisy that GreenPeace exposes themselves to. For instance that the people who they attempt to smear have more to lose than gain in being as corrupt as GreenPeace try to make them out to be in accepting such a measly sum in return for making their work benefit oil companies, and they ignore the fact that this work would have to be subject to peer reviews in any case. Yet GreenPeace and the UN make  $100’s of millions from perpetuating these global warming scare stories.

This also extends to the EU who use public money to fund this time Friends of the Earth to lobby MEP’s as Steve Cox investigation reveals:

eu pays to be lobbied on global warming

I would suggest there is more political corruption going on than scientific corruption – which should be the real story being splashed across the headlines.

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  1. As alluded to in my previous post from the research that I have done I have discovered doubts do exist as to the quality of the climate science behind the  anthropogenic global warming theories. In my post I ask the question as to why the media have not looked beyond the political correct views.

    I have since come across Alex Jones’s video called Endgame – Blueprint for Global Enslavement.

    This video covers many of the alleged activities of the Bilderberg Group that consists of a few elite corporations that control governments. He states half way through that one of the many scares being used to push policy is climate change even though the case for anthropogenic global warming is weak they are still using it to create enough fear to get public acceptance for the New World Order global tax system through carbon taxes. It also cites example where this group has been responsible of buying newspaper companies in order to stifle descenting reports from the media – I wonder how far the purchase of media groups extends in order to provide the one sided view previously discussed?

    On an interesting note during some more research I discovered that Ted Turned the of the Turner Foundation that funds GreenPeace as previously discussed is indeed also a member of the Bilderberg Group.

    Now I don’t know how accurate all this conspiracy theory stuff is – I do know that the bit on climate change is pretty close to the mark and therefore makes me also question the rest.

    During research, other issues came to light such as the push for one child families to offset human carbon emissions.

    But maybe this is a discussion for another day.

  2. I too have noticed this within the media, not just on the subject of global warming but many areas.  Hazarding a guess, I would say that it stems from a bad habit of going with stories neatly handed to them in press releases rather than digging & investigating as in the journalistic standards of old.  Many issues in the news seem to be one sided and many more seem to be almost ignored entirely, even though they effect hundreds of thousands of people.

  3. The level-headed engineer turns out to be a New World Order/Illuminati Conspiracy nutjob. You’d do the anti-global warming crowd a favor by not associating with them.

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