Michael Crichton RIP

Crichton wrote such classics as Jurassic Park, as well as books like State of Fear, Airframe, Fear, Timeline, Prey, Congo, Disclosure, and the classic The Andromeda Strain, several of which were adapted into films.

His books have sold more than 150 million copies and he also created the long-running US hospital TV drama ER.

It was with State of Fear that Crichton charged into the global warming debate, pointing out that several of the “facts” that those on both sides of the debate were taking for granted were not actually as clear cut as one would hope. SoF certainly demonstrated the “Crichton effect” – the distinctive blend of fear, fantasy, and cutting-edge science.

“He will be profoundly missed by those whose lives he touched,” his family said in a statement. And, I’m sure they’ll be happy for SciScoop to run an Amazon ad in his honor…my personal favorites are the aforementioned State of Fear and Prey, but of course the all-time classic Crichton adaptation is Jurassic Park, the velociraptors in the kitchen still make me and the kids jump every time we watch it!

2 thoughts on “Michael Crichton RIP”

  1. Although I was never moved by his work personally,  many of those authors who did affect me were themselves inspired by Michael Crichton, and so I must acknowledge the debt I owe him.
    I hope that his family are comforted by knowing that many others will also grieve for him.
    66 is a young age to go these days but I suspect he packed an extra few years of living into his three-score and nearly ten.

  2. This post from We Wrenched Our Necks blog, begins in poor taste, you might say, but redeems itself fully in the end.

    As to Crichton’s writing, it was certainly not great literature, but he did cover topics and develop many scientific thoughts that will impress us with their predictive powers in years to come when we finally achieve the things he predicted.

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