A nullock in my shoe

UPDATE: 2012-09-26 Urban Dictionary has accepted my neologism as a valid entry for its wonderful archive of words and phrases.

I coined a new word to describe a common annoyance for the regular walker of the British Isles.

Nullock (n): [ˈnʊlək] 1. A stone that remains in one’s boot or shoe, despite unlacing, removing footwear, shaking out all unwanted contents, straightening socks, replacing said footwear, relacing and setting off one’s walk again. 2. as plural ‘nullocks’ the expletive used on discovering one’s footwear contains a nullock despite unlacing etc. Commonly heard on the shingle shores of the Suffolk coast.

I’d be interested to know whether anyone has done an quantitative analysis of the mechanics of this self-resurrecting stone concept or whether there is an epidemiology of foot injury associated with nullocks.