An open letter to Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry was awarded the 2011 lifetime achievement award from the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard University. Molly Lewis serenaded Stephen with her song An Open Letter To Stephen Fry. Molly Lewis (aka Sweetafton23) is an American musician known for her wonderful ukulele playing. She plays both covers and original songs and her original music sings of pop culture topics and nerdiness. Viz:

Mr Stephen Fry
I see no reason why
you wouldn’t want some day, maybe
to let me have your baby

You would be amazed
what science does these days
so think it over
and tell me what you think

Molly even promises to hang an iPad in the crib. Never has Mr Fry looked so embarrassed. Here’s Molly’s story of how she got to Harvard in December to sing her song to Stephen.