Chemistry is Chemicool!

When might chemistry knowledge come in handy? For one thing, you may want to tutor a child or grandchild with homework someday without looking like a loser. Instead of poring over heavy chemistry books or searching out bits and pieces of information in a dictionary or encyclopedia, you can get an overall view of the main ideas by browsing well-organized Websites.

Or you might want to understand local environmental problems associated with landfill or factory pollution. Health problems in your family could necessitate your learning more about basic elements and how they affect human life inside your home or on your property, even perhaps related to a nearby farmer’s use of pesticide. For reasons like these, it pays to keep chemistry information handily available at your fingertips.

And that’s exactly what certain Websites are providing. Chemicool ( offers an attractive, readable graphic that viewers of school age or adulthood can readily understand. Supporting details include history of the periodic table and a legend for understanding how the table is set up. Visitors can find out a few things about atomic elements, which is a topic of increasing importance in today’s society due to possible terrorist activity.

If your high school son or daughter is struggling through a boring textbook, point them to sites like this one where quick, easy information can help to bring the elements to life in short order.

Other sites, like the famed WebElements Scholar division (, offer useful facts to help budding young minds grasp chemistry essentials. This award-winning site offers a click-on link to detailed information about each of the elements, including its name, symbol, Atomic number, Atomic weight, group name and period in the periodic table. A narrative description with a cartoon graphic helps to make the explanation cheery and accessible to most readers who are in secondary school or older. The site is interactive, with a feedback window for questions or comments.

Chemistry need no longer be an intimidating subject for exploration. Now inquiring minds of all ages can absorb utilitarian facts about this intriguing subject by browsing the Web for content-packed sites.

About Author
Dr. George Grant is an experienced researcher in Bio-chemistry. He has done extensive researches and experiments in the field. He now dedicates portion of his time to writing for a chemistry portal – search this site to find out detailed information about each chemical element or even discuss any issues in their online forum.