Trypophobia is holey and scary

Trypophobia is the┬áname for the phobia (intense and apparently irrational fear) of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps. It’s weird…why should anyone be scared of holes or bumps? Well food full of holes might be rotten, whereas bumps might be present on food or skin because of disease. But, as with lots of so-called irrational fears nobody knows. It seems like it’s not irrational to shy away from rotten food or snakes, or potentially lethal spiders, or being up high or trapped or exposed or whatever.


Me, I remember I had a dream as a child where my grandmother had a hole in her face from which were emerging lots of tiny flies, it was just a dream, but I still recall it and it makes my face tingle thinking about it. As does looking at some of those trypo triggers people post on the net, pictures of seed heads with holes, or photoshopped faces. I’m not scared of any of these things as such, they just make my face tingle.