Marvel Characters Ruled "Non-Human" by New York Judge

A recurring theme of the X-Men comics is the mutants’ struggle to be recognized as human, despite their outsider status in society. This struggle has had its day in court, and lost.
According to the
Wall Street Journal,
judge Judith Barzilay has ruled that all of them–even Professor X–are “nonhuman creatures.”

Money was at stake for Marvel Corporation. Toys (including nonhuman creatures like Winnie the Pooh) enjoyed lighter import tarriffs than dolls. Thus Marvel’s corporate push for the ruling, while still editorially embracing their characters as human beings.

I won’t besmirch Marvel’s integrity. Hey, it’s only comics. But you have to wonder about the judge, who cited the strange clothing and “highly exaggerated muscle tone” of Marvel’s
Kraven (who has no unusual powers) to rule him nonhuman. If exaggerated features and strange clothing render a figurine non-human, where does that leave Barbie?