Galaxies may have spit out monster black hole

A collision between two galaxies may have led them to spit out a colossal black hole that’s still soaring through space, some astronomers have calculated.

If correct, the proposal would be the first evidence of a possibility astrophysicists have theorized for years: a black hole’s expulsion from a galaxy. 

Indirectly, it could also shed light on how some black holes became as big as they are–a longstanding puzzle that’s also entangled with the question of how galaxies formed.

A team of researchers describe the results in a paper to appear in an upcoming issue of the
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical
Society, a research journal.

They claim an enigmatic object known as HE0450-2958, estimated to weigh as much as 400 million suns or more, may be the expelled black hole.

Source: World Science