The Joy of Blimps

To quote Nachbar:

My work to date has focused
on recreational use rather than marketing/advertising use.
The main reason was speed. When I started, I only knew how to make
a cheap, slow blimp. Advertising blimps need to be pretty fast
in order to be at the appointed place at the appointed time,
regardless of the winds. However, my work has evolved to the
point where I now believe I can build a cheap, fast blimp –
suitable for advertising. So, my question: I am trying to
`size the market’ for a blimp that is less expensive to operate
($1,000,000 per year rather than the current $2,000,000 per year).
But I have no idea how the decision to purchase blimp services
are made or who makes them.
Will a cheaper blimp be of interest?
Or do only crackpots buy/lease blimps?
Do you know anybody who knows about high-end advertising/marketing
that might be willing to give me some idea if a cheaper blimp has

He clarifies in
today’s blog:

I should be clear I certainly do not expect any individual to shell
out $1 million a year for a blimp. Rather, a recreational blimp
will cost around $50,000 to build and less than $10,000 per year
to operate — this is very much in line with many existing pleasure
boats, etc.
The $1 million per year cost estimate is for continuous,
year-round commercial operation including several full-time
employees, travel expenses, etc, etc.
From the outside, a million doesn’t seem to be a wildly
unreasonable outlay for part of a big-time ad campaign.
(But I don’t know — thus my initial query.)