Project for the reform of current model of scientific publication in Chemistry and life

The journal now covers recent Shagaev and Gonzlez-lvarez’s project for open discussion and improvement of the current system of publication and estimation of scientific papers.

English translation is already available at ChemAndLifeEngl

The following reasons were their motives to start this crusade (simplified Journal version):

1) A big time domain (from 3 month to 1 year and even more) between submission and publication of scientific papers.

2) The decision about a paper publication is taken by the anonymous reviewers. It is impossible to contend with them very often. They can’t know everything and they practically aren’t “absolutely impartial”.

Express monopolies of separated scientific directions takes place, also. So, the representatives of alternative points of view can’t publish their results, because their results don’t correspond to the “common” point of view.

3) The editors try to save the quality of scientific papers when they review any scientific paper. However, the quality is the subjective criterion. Practically all first papers of Nobel Prize laureates were at first rejected by the reviewers. Even John Maddox (the previous editor-in-chief of the “Nature”) said onetime “if Isaac Newton had submitted his theory of gravitation these days, his work would be rejected for peer-review publication”. Today is much more difficult to publish a revolutionary scientific paper in a high-quality journal that 50 years ago.

4) Young scientists, with little established track record, find it hard to place printed papers in the “top” tier journals.

5) Some journals and their papers are inaccessible, due to their exorbitant price (The student rate for the single ACS biochemistry journal is over $350).

6) The High scientific organizations in some countries(e.g. High Certifying Commission in Russia) refuse to consider the independent scientists papers, in Internet, (even published at the leading foreign scientific centers sites) as scientific papers.

The project proposals (here we illustrate some of them only. Detail information available at project site are illustrated bellow:

1) Every highly tailored scientific journal must have different free and public subject discussion forums, located at its Internet Web site. Authors can public papers at the journal site, or inform editor board about their sites where submitted paper is located. The journal site must have public archives, containing all submitted papers located at every discussion forum. The storage time of submitted papers in the archive mast be unlimited (all papers can be copied at the united database of Academy of Science or corresponding scientific communities.). This archive will decrease, at least partly, plagiarism and redundancy (unfortunately, the submission of similar results in different journals is an usual technique for obtaining more elevated “rankings” and C.V.) in scientific community.

2) All submitted papers must be published without any review [Shagaev proposal] (forum members can evaluate them some time later) or with minimum review [Gonzlez-lvarez proposal]. The journal editor can remove rejected paper to the folder “Rejected papers”. He must inform all forum readers about this facts and its reasons. So, any reader of the journal can read such rejected paper and make his/her own conclusion about the paper. The papers will be published at the discussion forum site just after submission. The author is responsible for both his submitted results and their representation form (orthographic, syntactic, stylistic errors).

3) The members of the discussion forum takes a decision about the scientific meaning of a submitted paper based on public discussion (one proposal is to take into account the points of view of scientists which have corresponding scientific degree only. Other proposal is to take into account the points of view of all scientists which have enough practice in the corresponding field of science). Papers, approved by discussion forum and accepted at electronic journal at any country must be described as scientific papers by all dissertation councils. The transfer a paper at the folder “Rejected Papers” and even it removal from the electronic journal (if author agree with this action) as a result of the discussion.

4) Unclassified dissertations materials must be sited at the journals’ (scientific organizations) sites for public discussion on the discussion forums by all scientists interested in them. The scientific results of these discussions must be taken into account during the defense of dissertations, other scientific degrees, and research programs.

5) The best papers of the discussion forums are published at the journals after editing (orthographic, syntactic, stylistic). Thus, only best papers will be published in any scientific journal.

Authors call all their colleagues to discuss this theme at the site:
project site

Note: Russian Forum of proposals is already operative in above site. English forum of proposal will be available in brief in Canonical science blog