The Hidden Secrets of Junk DNA

When the human genome was first sequenced in June 2000, we discovered that over 90 percent of our genetic material is made up of “junk DNA”–repetitive, but not identical, sequences of amino acids, perhaps evolutionary debris. But now, respected biophysicist Andras Pellionisz claims that so-called junk DNA is actually the “real” blueprints, stored in fractal patterns, that tells genes how to build living tissue. If correct, he stands to make billions of dollars from his patent application, which covers all attempts to count, measure and compare the fractal properties of introns (the more respectable term for junk DNA) for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Pellionisz hopes his patent application will enable him to launch his company, Helixometry Inc., and make him one of the field’s key players. Read the full article here. A detailed description of his FractoGene patent application can be found here.