Pro Gaming – The Future of Spectator Sports?

As the BBC News reports, the UK’s top gaming clans will be competing for 25,000 at a pro gaming tournament on December 21. Bankrolled by Intel, the organizers hope to draw a crowd of 400 spectators to watch on an IMAX screen. The clans will be playing Counter-Strike and Return to Castle Wolfenstein, both first-person shooters stressing tactics and lightning reflexes, as well as Warcraft III, which is more of a top-down view and stressing more strategy and resource management.

Pro gaming is slowly gaining momentum across the world. In tournaments like The World Cyber Games, the Olympics of computer gaming, pro gamers make a living from competing for serious prize money, while spectators watch live and online. In Blizzard’s Warcraft III, many gamers enjoy being spectators as much as actually playing. Might pro gaming soon be a regularly televised event, complete with professional announcers? Yeah, probably.