The new Dominium cosmologic model

The model is the result of a deductive analysis of what necessarily follows given one hypothetical premise: the notion of gravitational repulsion. From that one premise the repercussions that follow through formal deduction both predict and give reason to a Universe as it is observed today. Even some previously vexing “anomalous” phenomena (e.g., the supermassive black-hole possessed by all galaxies, the antimatter cloud surround that central black-hole, the driver of the solar wind, the reason behind ever increasing rate of expansion, …, etc) are not only accounted for, but necessary consequences of the new model.

The new model is being debated and shown by the author on several forums. Although the new model accounts for and is in sync with the evidence of the scientific record, some “beloved” assumptions/hypotheses would fall by the wayside. If you do go to these battle-threads, be warned: scientists battling to justify their prior biases eventually become at a loss to find evidence to support their prejudices, and then resort to insults, fallacy, and childish whining.

The most complete debates can be seen at

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Or the book, The Dominium, can be acquired through any online bookstore.