SciScoop Sabbatical

You may have noticed…or maybe you didn’t…that the SciScoop news stream had slowed somewhat in recent weeks. Well, I’m afraid I had to put the site on the backburner while I was working on a totally different side project – various eclectic self-penned and produced songs. Now available via BandCamp. You can preview my other songs and […]

Sciscoop Newsfeed

We’ve moved away from the old, defunct Feedburner system for RSS newsfeeds, so please swap out the old subscription for the new one However, given that Sciscoop is on sabbatical, I also recommend my Sciencebase feed for your science scoops. Please add us to your reader, Feedly, etc –

Train your Gmail to jog your memory in the new year

In the daily deluge of email, it’s all too easy to send a message and never get a response (and, on the other end, receive an email and forget to respond). This Gmail script makes it easy to find the emails you’ve sent to someone who could use a little nudging or reminder. The Gmail […]

An online data journalism webinar

The European Journalism Centre is registering students for a free five-week online course, scheduled for early 2014, in the fundamentals of using data in journalism. The course includes modules on the skills required to do data journalism. how to find data for stories, how to use spreadsheets and statistics to find patterns in data, basic […]

Coal dust and sea spray

My grandfather was a coalminer, but was crippled in an accident when he saved a fellow miner’s life by holding off a coal wagon that would have otherwise crushed him to death. My grandmother worked her fingers to the bone on nightshifts in a factory, raised seven kids, lived well into her 90s. My Dad […]