Hangover Cures

The “hair of the dog that bit you”, a bacon sandwich, a pint of water, porridge oats, vitamin C, cup of coffee, herbal tonics…they’re all claimed as hangover cures, but unfortunately, there is no cure for the morning-after-the-night-before if you over indulge on beer, wine, spirits, any alcoholic liquor in fact.

Of course, there are ways to can reduce the effects. Drink a little less, alternate a soft drink with each glass of the hard stuff. Drink plenty, but not too much water when you get home.

I wouldn’t recommend taking anything like milk thistle. You may somehow imagine that it’s protecting your live, but all it does is use up liver resources to detox the herb itself, which means the ethanol and other toxic components in the alcoholic drink stay in blood circulation for longer before they are metabolized by your liver prior to excretion through your kidneys.

As with everything, celebs what in on the act, here are some more ineffectual hangover cures courtesy of Hangover star Bradley Cooper:

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