Google’s driverless cars

I wasn’t going to mention Google’s driverless car roadtests, but it occurred to me that their evil plan may not be entirely transparent to the rest of the world. It’s obvious isn’t it, if you’re the “driver” of a driverless car that means you could be checking your Google Mail, searching with Google, or using Google Docs while you’re “driving”…but without having to be in control of the wheel or, indeed the car, that leaves you free to click their ads!

2 thoughts on “Google’s driverless cars”

  1. Video no longer available’ so I will have to imagine it.

    I would want a bed or at least a chaise longue so I could get down to business browsing my iPad, sipping my Coke.

    Yes the idea certainly leaves you free to give a heart attack to the poor bugger who sees a driverless car bearing down on him.

    It occurs to me that driverless cars are going to require a prominent light visible to people outside – a big light that says “Don’t worry – Google is controlling this car. It is not out of control and liable to smash into you. Relax. To get your own Google controller, please visit ……..”

  2. If you want to give other drivers on the road a heart attack, in your driverless car, there’s a better way…

    Carry along a spare steering wheel. Grip the steering wheel in one hand, hang it and your head out the driver’s side window, and yell at the top of your lungs, “It fell off!”

    Disclaimer: I didn’t think of this. A college friend had a mail-delivery car, with the driver’s gear on the right side instead of the left. He and a friend (in the left-front seat) did it, first.

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