Green pride #hairshirt

So often too little thought is given to the environmental impact of so-called “alternative”, “green” and “eco friendly” initiatives. If manufacturers can lobby governments and get a subsidy to stockpile their particular product then these things will be planted in the public psyche before anyone does a proper cradle-to-grave analysis of the resources and energy used to build, install, maintain, recycle and replace them. This seems to apply equally to badly sited wind farms, ugly rooftop solar panel arrays, the kludgy eco switch for your TV and PVR standby buttons or something as humble as the water-filter jug.


Often the default device or the current system has reached optimal efficiency and safety and does not require mining some obscure precious metal from Mongolia to give us a purportedly “green” version. Obviously, some devices and systems do need upgrading to more effective, more efficient, systems, and some green initiatives have been properly assessed independently of lobbyists…but…

I hope that green hair shirt you wear while hugging trees wasn’t made in a third world sweatshop.