It’s Wild Down South

As the birds fly south this Winter, so too will many conservationists, photographers, writers, and filmmakers. In fact, many others will join the migration as the WILD Foundation will be holding the 9th World Wilderness Congress (WILD9) in Merida, Mexico, from November 6-13.

Among the many events scheduled to take place, keynotes will be given by Jane Goodall, Stephan Harding, and Pav Dukhdev. WILD9 will also be the largest gathering of conservation photography ever, with galleries from Wild Wonders of Europe, National Geo, MesoAmerican Biological Corridor and LOOK3 by Nick Nichols. There will also be exhibits and presentations by luminaries Art Wolfe (Window to Himalayas), Nick Nichols (Window to Africa), Tom Mangelsen (Window to North America), David Doubilet (Window to the Sea) and Jim Balog (Extreme Ice Expedition).

Lastly, WILD9 will debut WiLD SPEAK, a Conservation Communications Symposium to be held November 9-12. Organized by the International League of Conservation Photographers, WiLD SPEAK provides a forum for media professionals to discuss environmental issues and themes, and to explore how their work can raise awareness.

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