Liquid mountaineering

I’m sure you will have seen the running-on-water guys advocating “liquid mountaineering” with their high-def video cameras, their expensive wetsuits and crazy headbands, it’s attracting a lot of attention and seems to be a classic pre-advertising campaign video hoping to go viral…we’ll see.

…or is it? There’s evidence that people really can run across water (well, water made up into a dense colloidal suspension with thixotropic properties that might be described as a non-Newtonian fluid. But, these guys with the crazy headbands and accents? You tell me. Maybe they hit on an idea from Ancient Greece that really did make an appearance in that compilatin of fairy tales and myths with that bearded guy and the Roman soldiers.

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  1. No, this is not possible, water tension can’t hold up that much force by physics. The speed at which these people are running at are too slow.

  2. Don’t say impossible till you try it with the proper equipment. They use very hi- tec shoes (no pun intended) the problem is maintaining the speed out over the water. My buddies and I are trying to develop the sport further ourselves. Check TEAM SHRED on Facebook soon for media.

  3. The obvious assumption is that there’s something solid just under the water’s surface that they run on. (for which you would need the low camera angles that they use, to hide it in the ambient reflection). If they had done something like show a person swimming tangential Through the running path, then show a run without a film break, I would be less skeptical. Seems to me like they built a narrow structure under the water that they run off of sideways.
    Running at a curve wouldn’t work if you were really on water because you need traction to change your path. Water may develop a surface tension like concrete when struck, but that doesn’t mean that it has any other properties of concrete.

    1. People are really fascinated by this hoax…I wonder why…what’s the underlying psychology that makes a meme like this become reality to so many people? Moreover, if it were possible to liquid mountaineer, why haven’t people been doing it for years, it couldn’t simply be down to choosing the right trainers, surely? There are small creatures that can skip across the surface of water, but they’re small and have enormous flat feet or are tiny and basically rest on the surface tension. A quick back of the envelope calculation really does show that forces involved are just plain wrong for people to be able to run on a the surface of a lake no matter how manly and brooding their stare…

  4. I can’t see how these guys faked this , and i believe they didn’t , they just talked it and made their tactics then they tried and tried and tried , till they were able to go for a few steps , i think this extreme sport is possible and will be something that encourages you to push things and do them even if you think that you can’t do them believe in yourself!

  5. In the age of viral, spoof videos, is it really easier to believe that if you have faith, you’ll walk on water that to believe there was som lexan, of mylar walkway beneath the surface of the water? I’ve seen the exact same effect used in a CSI episode. Believe what you want, but this is special effects, pure and simple.

  6. Did anyone really believe it, ever? Surely not, although judging by some of the idiotic comments on Youtube (are there any other kind) apparently so…

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