Lucky 7 on Friday 13

Luck, karma, fortune, fate – all arbitrary definitions of coincidence, chance, and probable outcomes.

Lucky 7s, unlucky Friday the thirteenths, black cats, walking under ladders, four-leaf clovers, rabbits feet.

All nonsense.

Charms, amulets, omens, portents of dooms, scattered tealeaves, animal guts, runic readings, palmistry, crystal balls, astrology, tarot, and while we’re here prayers to ethereal beings in the sky.

All nonsense.

But, there are genuine ways to improve your lot without recourse to quasi-supernatural forces. Here are 7 posts that may or may not be lucky for some on this of all days:

  1. Janice Taylor – life hacking
  2. Trent – financial boost
  3. Sandi Duncan – charms and spells
  4. Joe Hight – writer’s luck
  5. Relocation – moving house
  6. Courtney Heard – SEO and link luck
  7. My luck ran out…6 posts…