Can a Mediterranean diet beat breast cancer?

Valery Fortie is the National Awareness Coordinator of, a directory of news source focused on healthy eating habits. The author suggests that the Mediterranean Diet can help ward off many diseases and illnesses.

One of those serious and potentially life threatening diseases is breast cancer. With a risk of one in seven people developing breast cancer in their lifetime, there could only be benefits reaped by using the Mediterranean Diet.

Oleic acid is an important ingredient in foods that help to prevent breast cancer. One Mediterranean Diet food that contains oleic acid is olive oil. It aids in the prevention of breast cancer by blocking the cancer causing agent oncogene HER-2/neu. This agent is found in one third of individuals who have breast cancer. Not only does oleic acid help prevent this type of cancer but it also enhances the effectiveness of the breast cancer drug, Herceptin.

Fresh vegetables are common in a healthy diet.

Many other foods from the Mediterranean Diet also aid in the prevention of breast cancer. In fact, researchers have determined that adding just two foods from the diet can reduce the risk of developing cancer by as much as twelve percent. There have also been studies that show people who closely followed the Mediterranean Diet were less likely to develop cancer compared to other diets. It is important to make sure there is not a high caloric intake while using the Mediterranean Diet. This can prove to have different results in the prevention of breast cancer.

The main food groups that make up the Mediterranean Diet are large quantities of legumes such as peas and beans, vegetables and fruits, cereals, and monounsaturated to saturated fat intake. Olive oil has shown that it helps to prevent breast cancer, so it is highly recommended to add this to any diet. Moderate to high intake of fish is recommended and a moderate consumption of wine. It is recommended to eat low quantities of meat and low to moderate quantities of milk and dairy products.

With a risk of one in seven people developing breast cancer in their lifetime, there could only be benefits reaped by using the Mediterranean Diet. Whether an individual enjoys all or just one item from the Mediterranean diet, these food types can make the difference between living a healthy life or not.

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4 thoughts on “Can a Mediterranean diet beat breast cancer?”

  1. I am sooo on board with the med Diet curing most of our chronic diseases. Food is information! If we eat wrong foods that promote wrong messages then we are going to see these results with our bodies. Its comes down to Specific kinases in our body and how they are activated by the foods or nutrients we consume.

  2. i’ve never heard of something like this.. i mean… how can a type of food beat breast cancer? It’s CANCER not diarrhea

    1. What a silly spam comment, Alex. Since when could a food beat diarrhea? There is, of course, a precedent for antioxidants and anticarcinogenic compounds being present in various foods that may very well ward off the kinds of chemical changes that take place and lead to breast cancer.

  3. @Alex, many anticancer drugs are derived from natural plants or foods (well known anticancer agents like camptothecin, etoposide all are natural products) . So we can’t ignore that breast cancer can be treated by mediterrean diet. Vegetables and fruits contain lots of flavonoids/polyphenols which has wide range of biological activity.

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