bigMouth at Christmas

My new six-stringed baby got a live outing last night at the fab and groovy bigMouth-VoxPop Xmas Party earlier this week. For those of you desperate to hear what I played here are the original demos of three songs wot I wrote and performed: This one was also in my music folder, but didn’t get […]

Metallic recipe for disaster

It seems obvious: if we use up our resources, we will have no more resources to use. You can’t have your cake and eat it, as the old saying goes. Nowhere does this truism seem to be truer than in the realm of modern technology where mass production of almost disposable electronic gadgets from smart […]

Coughs and sneezes spread diseases

Coughs and sneezes really do spread diseases, airborne droplets from your infected mucus, phlegm and snot sprayed over your companions on the daily commute, in the office, at the shops, at school etc can pass the viral or bacterial particles to infect that other person if the particles get into their nose, mouth or on […]

Yesterday’s future tomorrow

In a thousand years’ time, our apps and smartphones, our status updates and our tweets, Our hybrid EVs, solar panels, windfarms, all of our digital neats Will seem so quaint, and misguided, so twee and lopsided They’ll talk of yet more Dark Ages repeats Just think of our medical scans, dental whitening, e-cigs and implants […]