Sciscoop science news makeover – the Science News Forum – has undergone a serious makeover, got itself a totally new look, switched to new web hosting, and been rebuilt to make the most of advances in web content management systems.

“The new SciScoop site is now much slicker, cleaner, and modern looking,” says owner-webmaster David Bradley, “on top of that, the stunning archive of well over 3100 articles built up by more than 4300 members from first launch in November 2002 to April 2009 is now much better organized and accessible to keen researchers and casual browsers alike.”

SciScoop’s original voting system blazed a trail that was followed by social media and bookmarking sites the world over. Now, the site has switched to a new content management system with a new web host that should help push the site forward and into the next decade.

SciScoop Science provides a forum for a wide range of science-related topics from aerospace and astronomy to medicine and mathematics, from environment to technology and from cognitive science to controversial conjectures. This latter category provides a great place to learn about some of the more bizarre theories on climate change, cosmology, and medicine that tend not to find a forum elsewhere.

The site also features a fantastic Sci-Art category where contributors can bring their artistic passions for science or the scientific passion for art to the fore.