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Thankfully, Cambridge University’s renowned boffin Professor Stephen Hawking is making a good recovery in the city’s Addenbrooke’s Hospital after a chest infection. Although apparently he is still having tests for something unrelated.

Hawking who also suffers from a form of ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease) is best known for his cosmological theories of black holes and the Big Bang, made famous by the publication of his book A Brief History of Time. All that said, his current acute medical predicament, reported on SciScoop (Stephen Hawking Seriously Ill in Hospital) earlier this week has led to a spate of rather politically incorrect jokes hinging on the fact that he famously uses a voice synthesiser…

The first one was in the UK’s Daily Telegraph and asked why the medics simply didn’t switch him off and on again instead of pumping him full of drugs. It occurred to me that it would be funnier and even more succinctly outrageous if the Telegraph cartoonist had simply said “reboot”.

Needless to say many of the jokes are appearing on Twitter:

fidothedog suggested that Hawking being ill has prompted Microsoft to issue a patch and then qualified the statement to add that Hawking is going to make a full recovery, plus one for system checkpoints. Although the exact procedure involved is controversial and newsarse suggested medics are applying a Norton patch.

middle_aged_sub suggested that the ambulance driver did not know where to take Hawking ER or PC World. He also conceded that the jokes about Hawking aren’t very PC. They are not very Mac either. dungeekin agreed that they’re not PC, but explained that Hawking actually runs on Linux.

iamnotsteve uninformedly asks will we hear the Windows shut-down chords if Hawking dies? (No, see above for rationale).

tamaranico is hoping that Hawking’s illness will at least confine him to home for a while: I’d been trying to call Hawking last week but all I ever get is an electronic answering machine message.

@FunnyJoker just published a Hawking newsalert: After a few nights in hospital Stephen Hawking is finally stable. It only took 2 bricks behind his wheels. Now, that one really is a joke too far.

Anyway, SciScoop wishes the Professor a good recovery and hopes he’s enjoying all the non-PC attention.

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  1. It’s no joke, Hawking reckons we should steer clear of aliens. He recently said that intelligent aliens probably do exist, but given humanity’s history of divide and conquer and exploitation its likely that a visit from a similarly “inquisitive” ET would have “unfortunate consequences” for us…

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