Mathematical Art

I like to go beyond the abstract nature of what the software is designed to create and by adjusting my calculations, creating illusions in a form of expressionism.  It is quite the challenge and one that I enjoy a great deal, spending untold hours developing my technique into a unique style.

White Hole -2

I can visually explore scientific concepts and theories like a White Hole.

Adolescent World with a View

I can create an Adolescent World with a View by combining fractal and digitally painting in a bright colorful nebula such as Carina.

Planet Killer

Illustrate the fiery destruction a hundred-mile wide asteroid caused upon impact with a planet.

Weaving a Blue Star

Or weave a beautiful new blue star.

Triplets of Tal Koppen

And one of my new pieces this month, three wormholes opening somewhere out in space, near a fictional yellow star I call Tal Koppen.

Museum quality fine art prints are also available.