God Does Play Dice With the Universe: A Startling New Picture of the World

We live in a classical world. Yet, there is a ghostlike atomic world underneath. Everyone knows that a ball is composed of atoms. But nobody knows what atoms look like, and especially, how in hell atoms move. They don’t look like small balls at all; for instance, a single atom can pass through two slits at the same time. The more stunning fact is that we don’t exactly know how a ball moves either. It appears to move in a continuous way. This, however, is a mere illusion. Even the greatest scientists Newton and Einstein were also deluded by the appearance.

How about the real motion then? The new book will lead you to walk out Plato’s cave along a logical and comprehensible road. After passing Zeno’s arrow, Newton’s inertia, Einstein’s light, and Schrodinger’s cat, you will finally reach the real world, where every thing in the universe, whether it is an atom or a ball or even a star, jumps in a random and discontinuous way. In a famous metaphor, God does play dice with the universe. In this new picture of reality, thing is not inert but active; it ceaselessly jumps by its own “free will”. Moreover, such motion will entangle the universe into an inseparable whole in the form of time division. Is this new world not amazing?

Life is transitory. Everyone is a mere mote in the universe. But God gives us mind; thus we can see and understand the real world. The most happiness is not beyond this. As the great Chinese sage Confucius taught us, “Hear the Tao in the morning, and it would be all right to die that evening.” I hope that this book will not only tell you a startling new picture of the world, but also bring you a colorful life.

The book is free on the website http://www.quantummotion.org/