Toxic Database

The collaborative environmental and public health resource center Toxipedia has won the right to manage the National Library of Medicine’s World Library of Toxicology (WLT).

The WLT is a repository of public health links from over 40 countries. In collaboration with the International Union of Toxicology, and with financial support from the National Library of Medicine, Toxipedia will manage the WLT, strengthen its content, increase the number of participating countries, and expand its focus to highlight issues of environmental and public health significance to these countries.

The WLT will be another addition to the Toxipedia’s “Suite of Sites.” Just like IPMopedia, the WLT will have a unique URL and separate design, but will also be fully integrated with Toxipedia to allow users to seamlessly navigate all three sites. Toxipedia staff has begun transferring the content into the new World Library of Toxicology space and will release it to the public at a later date.

The World Library of Toxicology is another step that Toxipedia has taken to become the comprehensive environmental and public health resource center. We will contact you again once the site becomes fully functional and encourage you to participate: